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With momentum.

A day out in South Tyrol
on the mountain bike.

Enjoy a generous and varied breakfast and grab your mountain bike from the conveniently accessible bike garage. Get into the saddle and set out. As you gather momentum, you close in on your personal freedom. This can be enjoyed particularly well at the Fane hut in South Tyrol’s most beautiful Alpine hamlet. Yet, if your legs have enough power, we recommend taking on the challenge of the Peitlerkofel tour, one of the toughest mountain bike tours South

Tyrol has to offer. If you are looking to immerse yourself in the peace and quiet of the woods, far removed from the hustle and bustle of any mountain village, you may prefer to explore our forest trails. The High Apple Plateau is perfectly suited for this. Electric support for your calves comes from the state-of-the-art e-bikes. These are available to rent for a small fee. Ask at our reception for more tour advice and free inspiration.


The Hotel Lärchenhof
benefits for bikers.

Enter on your bike adventure from the doorstep of your hotel. The HOTEL OF THE MOUNTAINS is ideally placed for extensive bike rides and leisurely trail sessions. The free rental bikes ensure that everyone can revel in the pleasures of alpine biking. For those bringing their own bikes, we provide a lockable garage, cleaning facilities and charging station for e-bikes. 

Fly above
it all.

Holidays may also
be a little crazy.

If you believe only birds can fly high in the sky, you should think again. Experience the incredible feeling of paragliding high above South Tyrol and feel closer to the deep blue sky than you ever have and will – we will gladly book the unforgettable adventure for you. Rafting on wild waters provides another highlight for all outdoor freaks, if you dare.