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Your 4-star Vitalpina hotel in
South Tyrol and the mountains.

Vitalpina benefits all: the variety of South Tyrolean nature, conscious and active visitors, and our four-star hotel in South Tyrol. Ever since 2010, we have made every effort to meet the strict quality criteria of the association Vitalpina Hotels, South Tyrol: Vitalpina implies to be outdoors, to live at one with your natural surroundings and to experience nature, as well as yourself, with all your senses. Vitalpina includes a healthy and sustainable cuisine based on regional recipes

and the use of local as well as seasonal quality ingredients. Vitalpina entails revelling the pure joy of living, regaining your energy, and enjoying South Tyrol. The Vitalpina wellness programme forms an essential part of this philosophy: explore the traditional spa treatments in our Lärchenquelle spa with natural hay, warm larch oil, regional herbs, junipers, apples, and more. From South Tyrol for your wellbeing.

Mountain air.

Aim higher
with Vitalpina.

Vitalpina only accepts as members the best hiker’s hotels in South Tyrol. Lärchenhof is certainly one of them. And we take our partnership with Vitalpina very seriously. This is also why Host and Guide Gerd takes you with him on the most beautiful hikes through the Ski & Almen Region Gitschberg Jochtal four times each week.

Vitality and South
Tyrolean produce.

In the smallest 4-star hotel of the Ski
& Almen Region Gitschberg Jochtal.

Fresh mountain hay not only evokes the most beautiful memories, it is also a true miracle cure for relaxation and beauty. Just like the wood of our wonderful larch. Both are used by us in effective treatments and heavenly massages. Together with professional massage techniques, high-quality herbal products and special crystals, you will reach the peak of relaxation!