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Leave your tracks.

Winter hiking and snowshoeing
in and around Meransen.

Both winter hiking and snowshoeing offer a different perspective on winter in Meransen. Yet, what is the difference between the two winter sports? Winter hiking means to walk along groomed hiking paths, while snowshoeing entails moving freely in open terrain with snowshoes. The shoes specifically designed to walk on deep snow may at first glance look like a tennis racket, yet they allow you to leave your

tracks in untouched snow fields without sinking in. Follow in the tracks left by animals in the snow and stumble onto the most beautiful views not even postcards could match. We have snowshoes and hiking poles to rent for you for free. You may also like to get yourself some crossblades. These make for an extra rush of adrenaline as you cruise down into the valley of Meransen: try them out now!


Guided snowshoeing
tours in Meransen and
valuable insider tips.

The HOTEL OF THE MOUNTAINS lives up to its name also in winter: join in on our winter hikes or snowshoeing tours around Meransen and let yourself be taken in by the winter wonderland on offer. Let us make snow angels on the top of the mountains and glide back to the village on crossblades. Our favourite tours include hiking up to the Rodeneck mountain hut, the small Gitsch mountain top at 2,262 metres and the Al Giogo, with the descent into the valley being the highlight of each tour.

Crossblades make for
an exciting descent.

The new generation of snowshoes
for even more winter fun.

Crossblades are specifically adapted snowshoes that can easily be transformed into mini skis. Once you have reached your destination, they allow you to switch the climbing skin for a running surface with steel edges and revel in the excitement of gliding down untouched slopes. We regularly test brand-new crossblades and want to take you along for the ride. If you prefer to go to the top by lift, do not miss out on the options of the ski region of Gitschberg Jochtal.